Giving Back To The Community


The board members of Gold Fields Bullion organization with the international partner of GFB, agreed to enrich lives through awards prize which is conducted online by virtual computer email ballot selection.

The award global email promotion version was link to global website of international company that built their systems based on members through registered identity on email address.

Back in 2005, Mitsubishi Corporation of japan poured the largest pure gold bar ever. Which was 250kg (551.150Ib ) on 11 June 2005, which worth $9 million.

The international board members of  Gold Fields Bullion Organization was in astound by the great work of Mitsubishi in 2005 and they united and poured pure gold bars of 1500kg which is $57 million and dedicated it to enrich lives globally.

Congratulations, if you are a part of these awards and note that Gold Fields Bullion is after mankind and to enrich lives.


If you are selected with a letter as a Gold Fields Bullion Award prize winner, then you need to claim within 180 days of notification, as per the Gold Fields Bullion organization rules.

If you do not claim in time, your prize will be allocated to Gold Fields Bullion Organization lottery’s Good Causes fund. To claim your prize, you will be required to provide proof of your identity and complete a claim form in order to receive your prize through bank transfer. Prize Award Amount is $870,000 if you receive any notification that said otherwise is not part of Gold Fields Bullion organization.

Please our only coordinator who has been assigned to attend to selected beneficiaries is Ms. Megan Smith and Ms Elna Du Plessis. Any other person claiming to be part of this program or our organization is a fraud and please have the person report to us.

Gold Fields Bullion Organization reputation matters to us and we will stop at nothing to protect it. We only want to use this promotion give back to the community enrich lives.